IYC (Indian Youth Camp) just ended for the year 2013 . What an amazing experience! Being my third year, I thought, "I have this down, I know what to expect," but God showed me not only was I going to be a part of rocking (literally) some lives at camp but that I myself would also be rocked! I have so many stories to tell from this week so I'll break them up into sections.

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 IYC - Part 1:                                                                                                                June 17, 2013

  This year at camp, the theme was "Exalt," and man did we ever EXALT the Lord! There were so many lives changed, touched, saved, rededicated and moved. God met these kids and revealed Himself to them. My four girls I had this year were just as much there for me as I know God had me there for them. All came from broken homes, with mothers that had either left them, neglected, abused, harrased or just never showed them any love. Two of the four didn't have fathers either. When they opened up to me on the second night they revealed to me their scars - both inside and out - and I realized for the first time when sharing with them my own testimony, that everything had come down to that moment. Everything I had gone through as a child from my own biological mother, all the hardships - even after coming to know Christ, were not in vain. Every tear, every fear, every heartache from those situaitions were to prepare me for this night. It was a healing process for me, beacuse all my life I never could understand why, even after I was brought to Christ and after He showed me how to forgive, I still was suffering those hardships. I never understood WHY I had to endure it as a child - till now. This year at Indian Youth Camp, God revealed to me that everything ,all along, He was working together for good - so that I could be there, at the right time with the right words for my four campers. God is SO GOOD! Through this revelation my wounds were finally healed, finally caterized, never to be torn open again. I was able to show them my scars and share with them how Jesus can take our broken, confused and messed up lives and not only save us and carry us through them but turn them into a beautiful story with a happy ending, where we come out stronger and wiser and more in love with Him.

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